Configuring Guide settings

Tom Cook
Tom Cook

You can manage your knowledge base configuration in Guide settings. You must be a Guide Manager to work with these features.

Accessing the Guide Settings page

Guide settings include options to manage your content, security, and integrations, and to deactivate your Help Center.

To configure your Guide settings

  1. In Guide, click the Settings (Settings icon) icon in the sidebar, then select Guide settings.


    Guide settings page
  2. Configure your settings. The following sections can be updated:

    • Managing your content settings
    • Working with security settings
    • Working with integrations settings
    • Deactivating your Help Center setting
  3. Click Update.

Managing your content settings

Use the content management section to manage and moderate your public content, control spam, and configure notifications.

To manage your content

You can enable or disable these content management options:

  • Anonymous voting on articles.
  • The spam filter is enabled by default.
  • Content moderation: sends new and edited knowledge base end-user content to a queue. You can set all content to be sent to the moderation queue, or specify certain words that will trigger the content being sent to the queue.
  • Set the default sorting order for comments, when a user is looking at requests in My Requests. The options are:
    • Sort by oldest comment to newest.
    • Sort by newest comment to oldest.
  • User profiles: can be public or private.

Working with security settings

Use the security section to manage content processing and sign in settings.

To work with security settings

You can enable or disable these security options:

  • Display unsafe content: blocks certain content to reduce the risk of malicious code being introduced.
  • Require sign in: prevents anonymous visitors to your Help Center.

Working with integrations settings

Use the integrations section to manage additional features that are available as Help Center add-ons. You can enable or disable these integration options:

  • Google Analytics: includes Google Analytics tracking information for your Help Center.
  • Chat: enables Zendesk Chat for your Help Center.
  • Powered by Zendesk logo: displays the Zendesk log at the bottom of each Help Center page.

Deactivating your Help Center setting

You can deactivate your Help Center, preventing visitors from accessing it.

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