Flagging articles with the app

Will Gates
Will Gates

On Guide Professional and Enterprise, agents can use the Knowledge Capture app in the Support agent interface to add feedback to flag existing articles. If a ticket reveals missing or incorrect information in an article, an agent can add a comment near the relevant text describing the needed change to flag the article for an update.

When an agent submits feedback for an article, a ticket is created. The ticket includes:

  • A link to the article that needs the update
  • A link to the ticket that is the source of the update
  • The user name of the agent who flagged the ticket
  • The inline comments added by the agent

For information about planning your workflow, see Setting up your workflow for flagged articles. If you do not want agents to flag articles using the Knowledge Capture app, you can disable that option.

To flag an article

  1. In a new or existing ticket, open the Knowledge Capture app.

    You must open the ticket directly. You cannot use the Knowledge Capture app when you select a ticket in a view and click the Edit ticket(s) button.

  2. Click an article title in the search results in the app to open the article in a preview window.

    You might need to search first if you don’t see the article you want to flag.

  3. Hover over the text that needs an update, then click the comment icon that appears beside the text.


    A comment field appears.

  4. Enter your feedback in the comment field.

    If you need to remove your comment, click the X beside the comment field.

  5. Add comments to other sections, as needed.

  6. Click Send feedback.

    You will not see the feedback button until you have entered at least one comment.

When you submit feedback, a new ticket is created. The link to the ticket appears at the top of the feedback window.

Flagged article

The resulting flagged ticket has the tag knowledge_capture_flagged_article. You can use the tag to create views, macros, and business rules.

The resulting flagged ticket contains a link to the original ticket where it was flagged, if the article was flagged from an existing ticket. If the article was flagged from a new ticket, that had not been submitted yet, the resulting flagged ticket will not have a link to the original ticket because the new ticket did not have a ticket number at the time.

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